i just remembered the fan screening was a thing and now im imagining you all seeing the big helena reveal and screaming about it in unison and im getting emotional

I’m 5 followers away from my next hundred. I love all you crazy clones. You’re amazing! 

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"You came!"

this was the most important scene of that whole episode don’t even lie


I feel so proud


Can we please talk about how when Leekie asks Rachel if she “really kidnapped Sarah’s people” Rachel kind of pauses and sighs.

Because she didn’t.

But she really, really, really wishes that she had thought to. 

And the fact that she didn’t probably haunts her. 

In which Rachel loses control of the situation for a hot second.

Are you sure you want to know what this is all about? 

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Tatiana Maslany’s roles in 2x01

I am awake x

“Helena lived and the entire Cloneclub died.”

The Orphan Black season 2 premiere, a summary

sarah doing cosima’s hand thing

In case no one did it before. Rachel’s German translated


"Yes, most of the patents were submitted after the decision of the supreme court. Yes, sure. thank you very much, Mr. [I cant understand the name, sounds like Scherzinger]"